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M36 Tunic from Hessen Antique M14 Bread Bag MULTICAM MOLLE II 3-DAY ASSAULT PACK from Hessen Antique
M14 Bread Bag
Our Price: $36.00
M36 Tunic (Feldbluse) Model 1914 Brotbeutel MULTICAM camouflage.
Entrenching Tool Cover M93 Bread Bag Lined Jacket With Hood from Hessen Antique
Entrenching Tool Cover
Our Price: $22.00
M93 Bread Bag
Our Price: $36.00
Entrenching Tool Cover Model 1893 Brotbeutel Lined Jacket With Hood
Flectarn Tactical Smock - Generation II from Hessen Antique Mil-Tec OD Medical Kit Bag from Hessen Antique Classic 46mm Limited Edition XL LW Retro Military Pilots Watch with Sweep Second Hand
Commando Smock US Army Style Used by Luftwaffe pilots from 1940-1945.
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