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Hessen Antique carries a full line of U.S. Army World War II G.I. uniforms and equipment. We are slowly restocking GI gear. Here is a selection of new GI items we have to offer.

WWII US GI Reproductions
Did you know that Hessen Antique Customers can now get WWII GI products made by Quarter Master Inspector(QMI Belgium) from from us at Hessen Antique?
Our USA customers can avoid expensive International shipping/customs costs and return hassles by placing your QMI orders with us. On the same token, our European customers can order our products through QMI saving you shipping and customs costs. Contact us or our friends at QMI for details.
Our website maintains a live up-to-date stock status. If we don’t have it in stock, our system will not let you order it. For items with sizes, our system will only show sizes In-Stock on the drop down menu.

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