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When it comes to your emergency supplies, you want products you can count on to be there and perform when you need them. From a military first aid kit to a tactical trauma kit, each of our products offers a quality you know you can trust at prices you’ll love. At Hessen Antique, we are passionate about what we do, finding the right products for the right prices so our customers can have military surplus items they need. Choose from our ACU camo MOLLE tactical trauma kit or a MOLLE tactical first aid kit, and be prepared. If you have questions about any of our products, or can’t find what you’re looking for, contact our team toll free at (877) 505-7795 today!
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British OD NBC Pullover Jacket CZECH BROWN APRON LIKE NEW from Hessen Antique Italian Collapsible Mirror from Hessen Antique
Original NATO issue Original Issue Personal Toiletry Kit
German Police Body Armor With Carry Bag from Hessen Antique USGI Military Police Handcuff Case USGI Military Police Handcuffs
Polizei Issue MP Equipment MP Equipment
Norwegian TP-6N Military Field Phone from Hessen Antique Bw Style Coyote Bandanna - New from Hessen Antique NATO Police Handcuffs
With OD Carry Bag 100% Cotton NATO MP
Polish Army Compass With Case from Hessen Antique Polish Army Carlisle Style Bandages from Hessen Antique German Paratrooper Flack Vest from Hessen Surplus
German Flack Vest - Used
Our Price: $449.99
Eastern Bloc Eastern Bloc.
(6X for $14.99)
Under Armor Style
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