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Looking for military-grade collapsible shovels, pickaxe heads, or full shovels? Whether you are a camper, a collector, or a prepper, our collection of shovels, picks, and axes are exactly what you need at prices you won’t find anywhere else. Our selection features original issue items, as well as GSA-approved products, so you can rest easy knowing we offer a quality that will stand to impress. At Hessen Antique, we gather our collection from countries around the world, so you can have an original issue Swiss pioneer shovel, an Austrian camo folding shovel cover, or an original Bundeswehr tri-fold shovel. Shop for your military surplus shovels today!
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French Army Cable Saw - Compact from Hessen Antique German Orig. Tri-Fold Shovel w/ OD Rubber Case Austrian Camo Folding Shovel Cover from Hessen Antique
Commando Saw Original Issue - Used Original Issue. Used.
(4X for $14.99)
Original Bundeswehr Tri-Fold Shovel Carrier Swedish Style Folding Shovel German Orig. Tri-Fold Shovel w/ Flecktarn Camo Case
Swedish Style Folding Shovel - New
Our Price: $25.99
In Stock
Original Issue
MIL-TEC Original Issue - Used
Austrian Folding Shovel With Camo Cover Hungarian Army M1950 E-Tool - Used
Austrian Army Issue Similar To WWI Austrian
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