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When it comes to your emergency supplies, you want products you can count on to be there and perform when you need them. From a military first sewing kits, to shaving kits, each of our products offers a quality you know you can trust at prices you’ll love. At Hessen Antique, we are passionate about what we do, finding the right products for the right prices so our customers can have military surplus items they need. If you have questions about any of our products, or can’t find what you’re looking for, contact our team toll free at (877) 505-7795 today!
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Italian Soldier's Sewing Kit German Bw Soldier's Sewing Kit Italian Army White Linen Cloth Hand Towel
You Can Get 4 Kits For $14.99

Bundeswehr Issue

35" X 23"

Italian Collapsible Mirror from Hessen Antique Polish Army 4 Piece Toiletry Kit From Hessen Antique Personal Shaving Brush from Hessen Antique
Personal Toiletry Kit Soldier's Hygiene Kit Bakelite Style Handel
Polish Army Sewing Kit from Hessen Antique Polish Army Carlisle Style Bandages from Hessen Antique Hungarian Army Hand Towel from Hessen Antique
(10X for $10.00)
Eastern Bloc.
(6X for $14.99)
Like New.
(6X for $14.99)
Personal Shaving Safety Razors - German Made from Hessen Antique
Solingen - Blades
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