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We offer military surplus products that are affordable, functional, and offer a quality that militaries around the world trust to perform, day after day. Because we bring you ties and tactical scarves from around the world, you have access to an enormous selection, as well as bargains you won’t want to pass up. Choose one of our dozens of Shemagh scarves, East German collar binds, net scarves, sniper veils, and military ties, and get the style and function you need from your military clothing. Contact our team today if you are looking for a specific product, and we’ll see what we can do to help!
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BW Blue Wool Scarf from Hessen Antique Bw Issue Black Neck Tie From Hessen Antique Bw Luftwaffe Issue Neck Tie From Hessen Antique
BW Blue Wool Scarf
Our Price: $5.99
Bw Issue Neck Tie
Our Price: $2.99
BW Luftwaffe Issue Bw Issue Bw LW Issue
Bw Issue Bandanna from Hessen Antique German Collar Binds from Hessen Antique Bw Issue Flecktarn Bandanna from Hessen Antique
Bw Issue Kragenbinde Bw Issue
Mil-Tec Camouflage Bandana Belgium Army Brown Neck Tie From Hessen Antique
Available in Flectarn, Woodland, Urban or ACU Camo 10X For $10.00
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