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World War II was a time when the German military was at its height. Because it was run by a dictator who propounded hatred and racism, it is a time many try to forget, but we believe the best way to avoid past mistakes is to remember them. While Hessen Antique neither represents nor supports the Nazi Regime, or any belief system which supports hatred or racism, we are proud to offer original German militaria from this time for collectors and re-enactors. Browse our collection of Nazi memorabilia and original WW2 uniforms and military gear, and take a step back into history.
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German MG42 Spare Barrel Carrier M24 First Aid Packet from Hessen Antique M42 First Aid Carton from Hessen Antique
MG42 Spare Barrel Carrier
Our Price: $44.99
M24 First Aid Packet
Our Price: $24.99
In Stock
M42 First Aid Carton
Our Price: $8.99
Laufschutzer, MG 42 GI First Aid Packet M24 GI First Aid Packet M42
US 9th Armored Division Patch - Original from Hessen Antique US 10th Armored Division Patch - Original from Hessen Antique Original WWII German First-Aid Box
Phantom Tiger Divison WH Issue
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