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Single and one of a kind reproduction items that we don't not normally stock.
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U.S. GI Pistol Lanyard GI Elbow Pad Inserts GI Knee Pad Inserts (Regular XX long) HAU-15/P Flyers Glove (Right Hand Only) Size 5
U.S. GI Pistol Lanyard
Our Price: $4.99
GI Elbow Pad Inserts
Our Price: $5.00
M1911 and M92 New In Package New in Bag Just one Glove
Gentex Clear Helmet Shield Visor GI M-1950 Trouser Suspenders GI All Leather Black D3A Glove (Left Hand Only) Size 7 U.S. GI Pistol Lanyard
U.S. GI Pistol Lanyard
Our Price: $7.99
For the SPH-4 Flight Helmet Issued from Korean War till today Just one Glove M1911 and M92
Summer Flyers Gloves, Army Issue GS FRP-2, Sage Green (Left Hand Only) Size 5 Wooden Tent Pegs (set of 5) US REPRO WWII LEGGINGS GI M1956 Sleeping Bag Carrier Strap
US Repro GI Leggings
Our Price: $10.00
Just one Glove Solid Wood, 9 Inches Long M38 Dismounted Strap Assembly, Sleeping Bag
GI Rubber Over Boots Original WWII Pack Carrier Leather Coupling Strap Reproduction WWII GI Machete Scabbard from Hessen Antique HAU-15/P Intermediate Cold Weather Gloves - Size 11
GI Rubber Over Boots
Our Price: $12.99
Wet Weather Gear For use with the M1928 Haversack From Quartermaster Inspector New in Package
GI M24 Gas Mask Bag GI M25 Gas Mask Bag WWII US Pick Mattock Carrier Repro GI M43 Folding E-Tool Cover - Early Pattern from Hessen Antique
GI M24 Gas Mask Bag
Our Price: $20.99
GI M25 Gas Mask Bag
Our Price: $20.99
Helicopter Crew Gas Mask Bag Tank and Infantry Fighting Vehicle Crew Gas Mask Bag 1942 Carrier From Quartermaster Inspector
GI MOLLE Ammo and Grenade Pouch Lot Iraqi Gas Mask Filter Rifle Ammunition Bandolier  (set of 4) Thompson 5 Cell Magazine Pouch from Hessen Antique
Iraqi Gas Mask Filter
Our Price: $24.99
Used in OIF and OEF Desert Storm Souvenir
5 Pocket with Strap From Quartermaster Inspector
Thompson 3 Cell Magazine Pouch from Hessen Antique Original WWII Mittens, Shell, Trigger Finger Repro M1 Ammunition Bag (General Purpose) from Hessen Antique M6 Bag, Army Lightweight Service Mask from Hessen Antique
From Quartermaster Inspector First Pattern From Quartermaster Inspector From Quartermaster Inspector
Original WWII Carrier, Pack M-1928 1942 Dated GI MOLLE Ammo and Grenade Pouch Lot Original WWII Carrier, Pack M-1928 1942 Dated WWII GI Trigger Finger Mittens
Our Price: $34.99
Khaki with Khaki Straps Cold War Issue Khaki with Khaki Straps Mittens, Type 1, Trigger Finger
GI Issue MOLLE II Assault Pack - Desert Camouflage Original WWII Carrier, Pack M-1928 1944 Dated Vintage 10X Competitive Shooting Coat Garand Cartridge Belt
Garand Cartridge Belt
Our Price: $59.99
Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom Khaki with OD Straps 1950's U.S. Army Marksmanship Team Greek Army Surplus
Original M-1910 Pistol Belt with Magazine Pouch B-4B Flyer's Clothing Bag from Hessen Antique Neutral Dark Lens, Visor, Flying Helmet Dutch Army Combat "Jump" Boots M/57
B-4B Flyer's Clothing Bag
Our Price: $69.00
WWI and WWII Vietnam Issue For the HGU-55/P Flight Helmet Copy of US Army M-1948 Combat Boot
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