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Classification Clasp for Air Force Pilots
Classification Clasp for Air Force Pilots

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The classification Badge of the National People's Air Force, colloquially classification clasps or Quali clip, were awarded by the National People's Army of the German Democratic Republic (GDR), from 1958 till 1990. Minister of National Defence Willi Stoph awarded these for the first time on January 6, 1958 for tank drivers of the NVA. In addition to performance awards, Best Achievement, Sharpshooter and military Sportabzeichen the classification badge belonged to the so-called "five soldiers Awards" of the NVA.

Klassifizierungsabzeichen für Flugzeugführer is the forth pattern badge from the period of 1967-83. It is in Good Condition with enameled flag and no classification numerals. Screw Back
  • Classification Achievement Pilots
    awarded on 31 March 1960 to October 2, 1990
    Classification clasps Flugzeugführer
    The classification badge for pilots has been amended four times in total. Despite the new regulations, affecting the appearance of the clasp, even older types were presented in practice, although already a new type was introduced. Therefore, the data specified here apply only to the official foundation beginning and the end, which are usually a day before the adoption of a new type. The first version, which was awarded from 31th of March 1960 to May 30, 1962 shows a 91 mm wide bronze clasp in shape in the form of a pair of wings to see in the middle of a silver oak leaf wreath. At the top center of the emblem of the Air Forces of the GDR can be seen and at its bottom center a white oval with the conferred power stage. The oak leaf wreath has the dimensions 34 mm x 25 mm (height). It shows in a right to left flying MiG-15 . The second version of this clasp, which was, however, awarded only from 1 June 1962 to 16 February 1964 shows a 91 mm wide gold clasp with modified more modern pair of wings. In the middle of a 21 x 21 mm square can be seen that is designed in light blue. In the upper half of a flying left MiG-15 can be seen through the imparted power level can be seen. Among the insignia of the Air Force. On February 17, 1964, the third variant was introduced. They remained virtually unchanged. The insignia of the Air Force, however, wandered into the above central edge of the square. The aircraft shown was now a MiG-21 with pitot tube. Among them was in Roman numerals imparted power stage. On 8 February 1974, the trailers were donated for pilots. These consisted of a curved right and left laurel branch in the middle of a square can be seen, which reflects the number of flight hours. The dimensions of the clasp were 42 mm x 9 mm (height). They were for fighter and fighter bombers forces with light blue background in the numbers: 500 , 1000 , 1500 , etc. in Five Hundred quotient to 14000 to find and with red base, for transport and helicopter flyer in the numbers 500 in five hundred steps until 5000 to find. On 1 December 1985, the clasp has been modified for the last time. The now existing sheet steel plated clasp 86 mm and 25 mm high. It shows in their midst a gilded laurel wreath, which is the colored emblem of the NVA and in its bottom center a white oval with the loaned level at its top center. Within the laurel wreath is in this classification clip on light blue ground a flying left MiG-23 to see.

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