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When it comes to your food and eating supplies, you want it to be clean, compact, and easy to use. Whether you are looking for a camping trip, for a long excursion, or for your survival kit, you want quality and convenience. Our collection of military canteens, mess kits, MREs, and food ration bars give you an unmatched quality in a small, compact design so you can save space for more important things. Browse our selection today and find everything you need. At Hessen Antique, we are passionate about finding the very best supplies for bargain prices so we can give you items you can trust at a price you’ll love.
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East German Camo Canteen from Hessen Antique Swiss M84 Plastic Canteen & Cup from Hessen Antique Swiss 20L Black Water Bag from Hessen Antique German Esbit Folding Stove W/ Fuel - used from Hessen Antique
East German Camo Canteen
Our Price: $12.00
Original NVA Issue

Original Issue - Used. Original Issue -
Original Issue
Cz Canteen from Hessen Antique French Canteen from Hessen Antique Cz MESS KIT from Hessen Antique Hungarian Army 4 Pcs. Eating Utensils from Hessen Antique
Czech M60 Canteen
Our Price: $6.99
Czech Mess Kit - used
Our Price: $15.50
Original Issue Approx. 1 qt. Of Fluid 3 piece set Similar To WWII German
Bundeswehr Bund 3 Piece Canteen from Hessen Antique Serbian Army 4 Piece OD Mess Kit With Carry Pouch from Hessen Surplus German Esbit Folding Stove - used from Hessen Antique Belgium Plastic Canteen With Camo Cover  from Hessen Antique
Bund 3 Piece Canteen
Our Price: $16.00
Original Issue - Used Original Issue Original Bw Issue NATO Issue
Swedish Mess Kit With Burner from Hessen Antique German MVD 4 Pcs. Eating Utensils - Used from Hessen Antique French Army Aluminum Canteen Cup from Hessen Antique Stainless Steel Spork from Hessen Antique
Stainless Steel Spork
Our Price: $3.99
Original Issue Original Issue Original Issue - (5X for $20.99) Knife, Fork & Spoon
OD FOLD-A-CUP® COLLAPSIBLE CUP - 200 ML Austrian Army OD Canteen with Cup and Cover from Hessen Antique Romanian Army Canteen with Felt Cover and Cup from Hessen Antique Bundeswehr Aluminum Canteen With Flecktarn Cover from Hessen Antique
Wildo® Fold-A-Cup® Original Issue Feldflasche Original Issue - Used
Finnish Army .7 Liter OD Plastic Canteen from Hessen Antique German Aluminum Butter/Lard Dish -Used from Hessen Antique Romanian Mess Kit from Hessen Antique Romanian Army 3 Pcs. Eating Utensils from Hessen Antique
Romanian Mess Kit - Used
Our Price: $18.50
US 1 Quart Style Bw Fettdose WWII Style Kochgeschirr Knife, Fork, Spoon
Original East German Esbit Style Folding Stove from Hessen Antique
Original NVA Issue
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