April 2018 Newsletter
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April 2018


Hessen Antique Update

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courtesy of Drake Goodman

Tell us what you want...

We started our business selling only German antiques, antique pottery, porcelain, house wares, small pieces of furniture and the occasional piece of German WWII militaria from Rick’s collection. Then the WWII German goods and reproductions took over. Now we’re selling a full range of German military items from WWI to current Bundeswehr kit, all kinds of military surplus and a full range of tactical gear. Why? Because you asked us to! Unlike our competitors who tell you what you should buy from them, we sell what you ask us to. We’ll continue to do this so as we continue to add new products and product lines. You've made Hessen Antique one of the leading Militaria dealers by letting us know what you want, so please keep it up. Tell us what you want!

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News and New Items

WWII German Afrikakorps boots have left Spain should be here any day now. We have low boots and high boots and they are outstanding! Please check the website next week for updates.

For WWI and WWII look for more GI gear and restocks on many standard German items. Expect to see some new German uniforms as well.

We've got dozens of new surplus and tactical items items fresh from Europe, there is literally something for everyone so check the "News" page for daily updates.

Bundeswehr Flashlight from Hessen Antique

Mil-Tec Night Splinter Camo Anorak from Hessen Antique

Mil-Tec French Style OD Canvas Commando Boots




Sales and Events

Many items on sale this month and we've got free shipping on one of a kind items. Just look for the free shipping icon on these items . (free shipping only on these items, CONUS orders only)

We will not be going to Newville this month, maybe we will in the fall. Please let us know ff there are any other events that you would like us to attend. Remember, we go to these events so we can meet our customers and we value your feedback!


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