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Whether you are trekking through the mud, snow, desert, or jungle, you want military-grade shoes you can trust to support you and provide the comfort and protection you need to get the job done. At Hessen Antique, we have an enormous selection of military shoes and surplus combat boots, as well as the shoe cleaning kits and other supplies you need to keep your feet happy. Browse our German black rubber over boots, Czech guard boots, Swiss mountain boots, GI-type combat boots, Czech dress shoes, and many others, and order your favorites today!
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Swiss Grey Gaitors With Zipper Swiss Shoe Cleaning Kit Swiss Mountain Boots
Swiss Shoe Cleaning Kit
Our Price: $6.99
Swiss Mountain Boots
Our Price: $10.50
Swiss Grey Gaitors Swiss Shoe Cleaning Kit
(5X for $14.99)
German Black Rubber Over Boots Czech Army Cotton Socks Czech M60 Black Two Buckle Boots
Foul Weather Boots 10 For $10.00 Eastern Bloc
Czech M90 Black Combat Boots Italian White Snow Boots Black G.I. Type Steel Toe Combat Boot
Italian Alpini Snow Boots
Our Price: $25.99
Czech Army Issue Alpini Issue US Army Style
Czech Guard Boots GERMAN SPORTS INSOLES NEW Hessen Antique French OD Army Cotton Socks
Czech Guard Boots - Used
Our Price: $48.99
Jack Boot Style sports shoe insoles Unissued.
You can get 6 Pair For $14.99
Swiss Grey Gaitors With Strap Swiss Black Leather Gaitors Swedish Military Cold Weather Socks From Hessen Antique
Swiss Grey Gaitors With Strap Closure Swiss Gaitors Military Issue Winter Socks
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