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We recently received a large consignment of goods from the original Lost Battalions. These uniform items are from a former LB employee, most items are unissued, some appear to be seconds, some are returns. They are all produced by Lost Battalions in the late 90's early 2K. This is not an endorsement of Ed or Lost Battalions but I know there are many Lost Battalions aficionados here so now's your chance to get some of the stuff from the "Good Old Days' without Ed's crazy prices. We have several dozen items, we will continue to list them on this page as time permits so please check back often.
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WH M43 NCO Wool Jacket from Hessen Antique WH GD Panzer Division Jacket With Insignia - Size: 44 (Large) from Hessen Antique WH Generals Field-grey Gabardine Greatcoat from Hessen Antique
WH M43 NCO Wool Jacket - Size: 46 (XL)
Our Price: $169.99
In Stock
Insignia Applied Großdeutschland Heer GO Shoulder Boards Included
SS M42 EM "Das Reich" Feldbluse from Hessen Antique SS M42 AH Sturmmann Feldbluse from Hessen Antique WH HuD 134th M43 NCO Wool Jacket from Hessen Antique
SS Insignia Applied SS Insignia Applied Hoch und Deutschemeister Insignia Applied
LW Officer's Mess Tuxedo Vest from Hessen Antique Model 1910/14/15 Field-grey Wool Trousers from Hessen Antique Original U.S.G.I.  EM "Ike" Jacket - Size 44 Long from Hessen Antique
Tuxedo Vest 32 X 36 LARGE SIZE
WH M43 HBT Jacket from Hessen Antique LW Tropical Shorts from Hessen Antique WWII U.S. Army Officer's M37 Service Trousers (Pinks) Sz.34 from Hessen Antique
WH M43 Cavalry HBT Jacket - Size XL
Our Price: $134.00
In Stock
LW Tropical Shorts - Size: 36
Our Price: $119.00
In Stock
Lost Battalions Produced Lost Battalions Produced Original
Repro WWII U.S. Army GI OD Service Trousers from Hessen Antique WH Cavalry Stone-grey Gabardine Trousers from Hessen Antique Allgemeine-SS Black Gabardine Trousers from Hessen Antique
Large Size Yellow Piped White Piped
Period European Civilian Corduroy Navy Blue Breeches from Hessen Antique
Home Front Breeches
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