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Whether you are looking for sturdy camping supplies or you are building a survival kit to be there when you need it, our collection of German Army surplus and items from militaries across the world will provide you with the quality you need. We have a collection of surplus ammo can that will keep your ammo safe and dry, even in the worst circumstances. Our selection of military straps won’t let you or your things down, and the military-issue towels we sell are lightweight and highly effective so you can take them anywhere. Browse our selection today and find the supplies you need!
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German OD Terry Cloth Towel from Hessen Antique British P37 Straps Hessen Antique Swiss OD Nylon Pack Strap from Hessen Antique
(6X for $14.99)
Commonwealth Issue Original Issue.
Italian Collapsible Mirror from Hessen Antique British OD Nylon 40cm Pack Strap from Hessen Antique Czech 10-Liter 'Jerry' Can - USED
Personal Toiletry Kit Original Issue German Style
Polish Army OD 1st Aid Box Dutch Handkerchief from Hessen Antique Polish Army 4 Piece Toiletry Kit From Hessen Antique
Original Issue Cotton/Poly Blend Soldier's Hygiene Kit
German OD Cotton 50cm Pack Strap from Hessen Antique
Bundeswehr Issue
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